15 Mar, 2017

On 15th and 16th of March 2017, we saw some of the best researchers and academicians gracing the 1st International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing, Communication and Control (ICETC3-2017). Their presence increased by manifolds the importance, value and reach of the very 1st International Conference hosted by NSHM Knowledge Campus Durgapur. The conference was jointly organized by the department of Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering, in association with our publication partner International Journal of Advanced Engineering & Management, and was technically supported by Operational Research Society of India.

The audience were enthralled from the very first key note speech by Chief Guest Dr. Siddheswar Maikap from Chang Gung University, Taiwan on “Resistive Switching Materials and its Breast/Prostate Cancer Detection”. After that we had the technical session which ran parallel in the Seminar Hall and the Executive Class Room (ECR) of Durgapur Campus. The one in the ECR had all the paper presentations with Prof. (Dr.) J. P. Bandopadhyayya, Dr. Anita Pal and Dr. Sujit Mandal, chairing the 3 sessions over the two days of the conference. Parallely in the Seminar Hall we had the Invited Talk Session from some eminent personalities in academia. The 1st Technical Session started with the talk on “Versatility of GaN Nano Transistors” by Guest of Honor Prof. (Dr.) C. K. Sarkar from Jadavpur University. After that we had Dr. Arup Samanta from IIT Roorkee giving a presentation on “Dopant atom as an active element in transistors : present status and future prospect”. In the Technical Session-II we had Ms. Suranjana Banerjee of IIEST Shibpur delivering a lecture on “Prospect of ATT in THz range”.

On the 2nd day of the conference we started the Technical Session-III by a wonderful talk from Dr. Vinod Dhanak from the University of Liverpool, UK. He enlightened the audience on the fact that Tin (Sn) can be an alternative material to be used in solar cells which will be less toxic and more durable. After that we had a talk by Emeritus Professor Dr. S. N. Sarkar for Calcutta University on “Interplay of Fiber Optics with Photonics and Nano-photonics”. In the post lunch session we had a talk from Dr. Samarjit Kar of NIT Durgapur on “Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Portfolio Selection Problem”. The technical session was concluded by a talk on “Multi-valued Logic based Information processing: Challenges and Opportunities” by Prof. (Dr.) Jitendra Nath Roy of Kazi Nazrul University. The conference was heavily praised by the delegates and the participants.