Dr. Priyanka Mukherjee

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualifications : PhD (Supramolecular Chemistry), PG(Physical Chemistry) & UG (Chemistry Hons)

Interest/Research : Supramolecular Chemistry

Email Id : priyanka. mukherjee@nshm.com

Academic Experience : 6 years

Teaching Interests
• Basic Chemistry
• Engineering Chemistry
• Environmental Chemistry

Research Interests
• Supramolecular Chemistry
• Arsenic Sensor

Research & Publications


  • A Luminescent-Water Soluble Inorganic Co-Crystal For A Selective Pico-Molar Range Arsenic (III) Sensor In Water Medium in Chemical Communication, Vol. 49, pp. 7064-7066, 2013
  • Chloride Assisted Supramolecular Self- Assembly Of Square-Pyramidal [Cu (Imidazole) 4(Cl)]+ Unit Involving C- H•••Cl, N-H•••Cl, ••• , C-H••• Interactions: A Structural, Spectral And Theoretical Investigation in Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 26, pp. 3643-3648, 2014
  • Femtomolar Level Sensing Of Inorganic Arsenic(III) In Water And In Living-Systems  Using A Non-Toxic Fluorescent Probe in Chemical Communication, Vol. 50, pp. 15263-15266, 2014