Dr.Rima Barik

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D

Interest/Research : Functional Analysis, Set Topology

Email Id : rima.barik @nshm.com

Academic Experience : 12 years

Teaching Interests
• Complex Analysis
• Real Analysis
• Graph Theory
• Group Theory

Research Interests
• Fixed Point Theory
• Set Topology

Research & Publications

  • Some Fixed Point Theorems via w-distance On Cone Metric Spaces in Global J. of Sc. Frontier Research, Vol.12, issue 1, version 1, pg. 43—52, 2012.
  • Characterization of Completeness in Cone Metric Spaces in J. of Non-linear Sc. And Appl., Vol.6, pg. 227—233, 2012
  • Common Fixed Points Of Three Self Mappings In ComplexValued Metric Spaces in Int. J. of  Math. Archive, Vol. 3, No.8, pg. 2946—2953, 2012.
  • Common Fixed Points For -pairs In Complex Valued Metric Space in Int. J. of Math. And Comp. Research, Vol. 1, issue 9, pg. 251-256, 2013
  • Generalized c-distance And A Common Fixed Point Theorem In Cone Metric Spaces in Gen. Math. Notes, Vol. 21, No. 1, pg. 10 – 26, 2014
  • Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems For Maps Under A New Invariant Set In Ordered Cone Metric Spaces in Int. J. Of Non-linear Annal. And Appl., Vol. 5, pg. 24—42, 2014
  • Some Common Fixed Point Theorems via Generalized c-distance in Kyungpook Math. Journal, Vol. 55, pg. 215—218.
  • Caccioppoli Type Fixed Point Result In Cone b-Metric Space in Int. J. of Innovative Sc., Engg. And Tech., Vol. 1, issue 4, 2014
  • Coincidence Points And Common Fixed Points For Expansive Type Mappings In Cone b-Metric Spaces in Applied Math. E- Notes, Vol. 14, pg. 200-208, 2014