Year Title of the Project Guide
2012-2016 Security in Cloud Computing Bijoy Kumar Mandal
2012-2016 Cloud Computing in Mobile Applications Bijoy Kumar Mandal
2012-2016 Face Recognition Dr. Mousumi Dhara Maiti
2012-2016 An Algorithm on Network Security Ananya Satpati
2012-2016 Multicasting over Optical Fibre Networks Subhendu Barat
2012-2016 Delay Tolerant Network Priyanka Das
2012-2016 Network Security Supravat Mondal
2012-2016 Image Processing Tania Chatterjee
2012-2016 Live Project on College Library Management System with Embedded Bar Code Recognition Partha Sarathi Barma
2012-2016 VLSI Clock Networking, data analysis,sensor networks Payel Majumder
2011-2015 NSHM Management System Bijoy Kumar Mandal
2011-2015 DTN(Delay Tolerant Network) Priyanka Das
2011-2015 Customer Query Bijoy kr Mandal
2011-2015 a) Online Student Feedback System b) Research Work on Multicasting over WDM Optical Fiber Network using Genetic Algorithm Subhendu Barat
2011-2015 Flight Reservation System Pritam Sett
2011-2015 Payel Mazumdar
2011-2015 Student information System Supravat Mondal
2011-2015 Digital Watermarking Bijoy kr Mandal
2011-2015 Online complaint lodge system Bijoy kr Mandal
2011-2015 Online library management Partha Sarathi Barma
2011-2015 Campus guide Joydeep Dutta