B.Tech. in Robotics will enable students to serve the society to automate their operations by implementing smart technologies. Theextended enthusiasm of current industry for improved efficiency and safety has led to a bigger need for skilled professionals in the vast field of ‘Robotics’.

This specialization enriches a graduate level student of Mechanical Engineering withdesigning, manufacturing, applications and operations of robots.Students’ understanding of the analytical ability of robotics will be enriched by using different tools to analyse, planning and control of motions of the robot and writing programs using robotics programming software. Students will learn various cross-platformsto program real life robotsused as industrial robot manipulators and mobile robots.

Future Scope:

Being a Mechanical Engineer, one has attained aanalytical thinking, problem solving, creativity, mechanical and numerical skills of highest level.These skills students will use to build, configure and to test robots. Programming software systems will help to control the robotic systems, researching design, operation, and performance of the robotic mechanisms and systems, analyzing and evaluating the prototype robots and reading and interpreting schematics.

As far as fate of mechanical autonomy in India is concerned, the image looks magnificent and loaded with potential growth. Tremendous research is carried out in this sector, where technologists working towards inventions such as robotic pets, robotic security guards and robotic palliative caretakers.
Nowadays various countries are working on robotics to counter any pandemic situation which creates a vast field of application of Robot Assistance in healthcare, kind of hands-free, touch-free speech interfaces so that distancing can be achieved and any disease being spread is contained.

Career Opportunity:

Employment opportunities exist in the fields like industrial automation, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, aerospace, healthcare and defence, also this specialization finds applications in the regular streams like design engineering, electronics engineering and applied streams of engineering.All are hired in departments such as Technical Services, Machine Designer, Packaging Engineer, Automation Specialist and Human/Machine Interface (HMI) Programming.