Year Title of the Project Guide
2012-2016 Interactions between color plane interpolation and other image processing functions in electronic photography Dr. Arindam Biswas
2012-2016 Design of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Microwave Components Dr. Manimala Pal
2012-2016 Electromagnetic Analysis of Sub-Wavelength Resonators in Proximity to Planar Transmission Lines Dr. Manimala Pal
2012-2016 Design and Analysis of Fractal Wire Antenna Dr. Manimala Pal
2012-2016 Mechanical Robotic Arm Heranmoy Maity
2012-2016 Low cost laser based voice(audio) transmitter and receiver Jesmin Zakaria
2012-2016 Automatic Railway Gate Controller Jhuma Kundu
2012-2016 Water Level Indicating Controller Using Microcontroller ATMEL 89CS51 Manisha Ghosh Mandal
2012-2016 Designing of FM Transmitter & Receiver Circuit Moumita Bose
2012-2016 Bluetooth Controlled All Terrain (AT) Crane Shashank Kumar Singh
2012-2016 Design and Simulation of High Efficiency Solar cell using CIGS/CdS material Sudipta Banerjee
2012-2016 Design of faster JK and D flip-flop using CMOS technology Anu Samanta
2012-2016 Design of observer and kalman filter for estimation Madhu Sudan Das
2012-2016 Miniaturization of MPA using GA Juin Acharjee
2011-2015 State Estimation by Discrete UI Observer Madhu Sudan Das
2011-2015 Performance Evaluation in State Estimation by Discrete Full Order UI Observer and Discrete Kalman Filter for L-1011 Aircraft Madhu Sudan Das
2011-2015 Automatic lighting and buzzer system Jesmin Zakaria
2011-2015 Design and implementations FM Transmitter & Receiver Heranmoy Maity
2011-2015 Design and implementations of mosquito replier circuits Heranmoy Maity
2011-2015 Design and implementations of Remote Operated Spy Robot Heranmoy Maity
2011-2015 Characterization of Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Shaped Planar Resonator Manimala Pal
2011-2015 Characterization of Asymmetric Planar Coupled Lines Manimala Pal
2011-2015 Design and Analysis of Fractal Shaped Dipole Antennas Manimala Pal
2011-2015 Automation of Room Control with PC Shashank Kr. Singh
2011-2015 Automation of Room Control with mobile phone Shashank Kr. Singh
2011-2015 Burglar alarm design Moumita Bose
2011-2015 Quadcopter Moumita Bose
2011-2015 Quadcopter Moumita Bose
2011-2015 Microcontroller ATMEL 8051, 8052 Monisha Ghosh Mandal
2011-2015 Design, Analysis of Compact Micro-strip patch Antenna for Wireless Application Juin Acharjee
2011-2015 Infrared Counting Device Jhuma Kundu