Anwesha Roy Chaudhury

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualifications : MA in English, Burdwan University

Interest/Research : Postcolonial Women Writers

Email Id :

Academic Experience : 5 Years

Teaching Interests
• Professional Communication
• Art of expressing- body language in professional communication
• Personality Development and Soft Skills
• Effective Speaking Guidelines and Pronunciation Etiquette
• Different forms of Business Writings and Correspondences
• Indianisms in English
• Most Common Errors and Misappropriations
• Applied Grammar and its usage
• Phonetics-Stress, Transcribe, Intonate
• Advanced Vocabulary- Homophones, Homonyms, Idiomatic Expressions
• Public Speaking
• Art of Effective Reading

Research Interests
• Postcolonial Women Writers
• Indian Diaspora
• Gendered Discourse
• Existentialism
• Subaltern Existentialism
• Postcolonial Feminism

Research & Publications


• Anita Desai’s ‘In Custody’ in a maze of existentialism in International Journal of English and Literature, ISSN-2141-2626, Vol 4(9), pp 435-439, Nov-2013
• Isolation in Liberation in Manju Kapur’s novels in International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research, ISSN-2348-0319, Vol-I Issue-2, 2013, pp-26-30
• Difficult Daughters in search of True Identity in Drishti- The Sight( a national journal) ISSN-2319-8281, Vol-2 No.-1, Issue-May-Oct 2013, pp-23-26
• Nizzim Ezekiel- A Self-Styled poet, A Mirror that reflects India and the World in Indian Poetry in English(Critical Essays) ISBN-978-81-203-4571-3, pp:279-284, PHI learning Pvt Ltd
• A Journey to Reconstruct Self-Identity in parallel narratives- Poppy and Difficult Daughters in 4th International Conference IASA on 27th-28th Jan Kolkata