Dr. Sanchita Sarkar

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualifications : MSc.(CU), M.Tech(NITD), PhD(CU)

Email Id : sanchita.sarkar@nshm.com

Academic Experience : 15 Years

Teaching Interests
• Operations Research.
• Differential Equation.
• Graph Theory.
• Complex analysis.
Research Interest 
• Operations Research

Research & Publications
Conference Proceedings

  • A fuzzy Inventory model for deteriorating items with two storage facilitities at MSAST 2012, Kolkata, ISBN 978-81-925832 -0-4.
  • An Order Level Inventory Model Under Two Level Storage System with Fuzzy Demand at ICFMSA-2012, Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical society, Volume 105, No. 2(2012), 117-128
  • An EOQ model for  fuzzy deteriorating items with stock dependent demand and nonlinear holding  cost allowing shortages at RAMAES 2012, ISBN 978-93-5067-395-9, pp 23- 28


  • An EPQ Model with demand dependent production and weibull distribution deterioration in Vol 6, No.1 (December 2010) pp 1-17
  • An EPQ Model for deteriorating items having weibull distribution deterioration with time dependent demand, holding cost and shortage cost at International Journal Of Mathematical Sciences And Engineering ApplicationsISSN 0973-9424,   Vol. 5 No. I (January, 2011), pp 223-242
  • An EPQ Model with two production rate and weibull distribution deterioration with  shortages under Fuzzy Environment in Rev. Bull. Cal. Math., Rev. Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 19, (2) 247-256 (2011)
  • An EPQ model with two component demand under Fuzzy environment and Weibull   distribution  deterioration with shortages in Advances in Operations Research, Volume 2012, Article ID 264182,pp 1- 22, doi:10.1155/2012/264182
  • An EPQ model of exponential deterioration with fuzzy demand and production with shortages in International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research, Volume 24, Number 4, ISSN :2008-4889 pp. 309-317, December2013
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