Dr. Koyel Misra

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualifications : B. Sc. (Hons.), (VBU); M.Sc (VBU); Ph.D (NIT Durgapur)

Interest/Research : Chemical Kinetics

Email Id : koyel.misra@nshm.com

Academic Experience : 9 Years

Teaching Interests
• Organic Chemistry
• Inorganic Chemistry
• Physical Chemistry
• Biochemistry & Environmental Chemistry
• Engineering Chemistry & Applied Chemistry

Research Interests
• Kinetics and mechanism of Palladium & Platinum complexes
• To design cis-platin analogous drugs for chemotherapy
Research & Publications

  • Kinetics and mechanism of the Interaction of  di-m -hydroxobis(1,10-phenanthroline) dipalladium (II) perchlorate with Thioglycolic Acid and Glutathione in aqueous solution in Journal of Solution Chemistry, Vol-42, No-3, Page-526-543, 2013
  • Interaction of Glutathione With Cis-(2- Aminomethylpyridine) diaqua platinum(II) Perchlorate in Aqueous Medium: Their Kinetics and Mechanism in Synthesis Reactivity Inorganic Metal-Organic Chemistry, Vol-43, No-6, Page-714-721, 2013
  • Kinetics and mechanism of biphasic substitution reactions of a platinum(II) complex with thioglycollic acid and 4-methyl-3-thiosemicarbazide in aqueous solution in Transition Metal Chemistry, Vol-39, No-7, Page-789-796, 2014
  • Interaction of bio-relevant thio-ether and thiols with dinuclear Pd(II) complex: kinetics, mechanism, bioactivity in aqueous medium and molecular docking in RSC.Advance , Vol-5, No-16, Page-12454-12462, 2015