Manisha Ghosh (Mondal)

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualifications : B.E. (BU), M.Tech (BU)

Interest/Research : Antenna, Communication

Email Id :

Academic Experience : 10 Years

M.Tech in Microwaves (ECE) from the University of Burdwan and B.E. in ECE from the University Institute of Technology-University of Burdwan. She has total 10 years of teaching experience. She has worked as an assistant professor in the department of ECE for 2.5 years in DIATM-Rajbandh-Durgapur and for 6 months in SKFGI-Mankundu-Hooghly. She has been working in NSHM as an assistant professor since July, 2013. During her M.Tech course she possessed one year of research experience in National Physical Laboratory-New Delhi-India. She is the associate member of Institution of Engineers (India). She has membership in IAENG (International Association of Engineers). She has teaching interest in VLSI, Communication Microwaves etc.. She has research interest in wide band antenna applications and VLSI circuit design and testing. She is presently doing her research work on VLSI circuit design and testing with Cellular Automata theory. She has publications in national and international journals and conferences.

Academic Experience: Manisha Ghosh has 10 years of teaching experience in engineering colleges under MAKAUT. Assistant Professor for 2.5 years in DIATM-Rajbandh-Durgapur. Assistant Professor for 6 months in SKFGI-Mankundu-Hooghly. She has been working in NSHM as an Assistant Professor since July, 2013.

Research Highlights: Manisha Ghosh has international conferences, international journals and national journals.

Recent publications: Cellular Automata and Its Applications, 2018 IEEE International Conference on Automatic Control and Intelligent Systems (I2CACIS). Nature inspired Computing Behaviour of Cellular Automata, International Conference on Evolving Technologies for Computing, Communication and Smart World (ETCCS 2020), Springer. Periodic Boundary Cellular Automata Based Wear Leveling for Resistive Memory, IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, Volume 47, Issue 2: June 2020.

Significant Professional Achievements: Manisha Ghosh is the associate member of Institution of Engineers (India)