Name of Lab Purpose of Lab Lab Configuration
BASIC ELECTRICAL LABORATORY To Study the various AC & DC Networks and theorems, motors Generators along with different electrical parameter measurement. System Available: 12
POWER SYSTEM LABORATORY To Study of steady state and Dynamic response of a system in time & Frequency domain. Stability analysis using different methods System Available: 5 Hardware kit
Software: MATLAB( Simulation Lab)
ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABORATORY This lab helps in performing experiments according the to the WBUT curriculum related to AC and DC machines which include determination of torque, efficiency, speed, current, voltage etc of various machines, speed control of DC motors, open and short circuit test on the transformers, experiments on the alternator and characteristics of single phase induction motors and 3 phase AC induction motors This lab has various electrical machines which includes AC machines and DC machines both. It consists of single phase transformers, Single phase AC induction motors and 3 phase AC induction motors, Alternators, DC motors and DC generators. Alternator synchronizing system/setup and control panels for all such machines mentioned above



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